House Before & After

Three years ago we were living in an apartment serving as a Cares Team for Apartment Life ministry. We very casually began looking for a house when we found out we were expecting our first baby. We weren’t completely set on moving, we really just wanted to kind of see what was out there. We were browsing online and happened upon the HUD home website when we first laid eyes on our little beauty. The next day I drove out to the house and did some peeking through the windows. She was in rather rough shape and obviously needed a lot of work. We set up a walk through with a realtor and then got to see the nitty gritty details. Amidst all the holes in the walls, nasty carpet, and outdated everything, I knew that we could make it home! Since it was a HUD home you have to put a bid in, so we threw one out there, again “just to see,” and to our amazement, 2 days later we were home owners! And for a very good price I might add! So while I was 5 months pregnant we began the process of gutting our house and getting it ready for our new family. I’m still working on getting all of the “after” pics up but there’s a few up so far.

Here is a pic of me in front of the house (with my preggo belly) on our first day with the keys.


Here is the front of the house now. We ripped up the wheelchair ramp, put new address numbers and and a new light fixture up, and this summer installed new energy efficient windows. There is still much to be done in the landscaping department but that is kind of last on our list right now as we try to complete the inside projects.

front of house


And once you opened the front door, this was what you saw. It looks like someone got really mad one day and punched a massive hole in the wall. And check out that sweet ceiling fan.

Living Room 1

And here is the living room now, which is also now combined with the dining room.

living room 2

living room 1

dining room 1


Directly to the right of Living Room when you walk in is the kitchen. The original cabinets were so small that our plates wouldn’t even fit in them! Dave and my brother Dal had a fun time sledge hammering them out though!

Kitchen 1

Kitchen 1

Kitchen Before

And here is the kitchen now. We put in all new cabinets from IKEA, added new appliances, tore out the linoleum and put in new tile, and recently painted the walls a fresh bright green.

ktichen 1


We also put in this cabinet to serve as our pantry, and extra drawers for storage.

ktichen 2


Here is the hallway where the washer and dryer go on either side.


On your first right down the hallway is what was to be the baby’s nursery.


And here was Noah’s nursery after we tore out the carpet and cleaned and painted the walls. Noah’s moved out and over to what used to be  the office so now this is Reagan’s room.

nursery 1

nursery 2



The master bedroom before:

Master Bedroom Closet

Here is what we first used as the office/art room/music room but is now Noah’s room.

Noah's room

Noah's room

Here is the first lovely bathroom. Frightening, I know.

First Bathroom

First Bathroom

Second Bathroom.

2nd bathroom

A coordinating shower curtain made the green tile work:


 guest bathroom

This used to be the garage that was converted into a master bedroom. We however first used it as a dining room, and now it’s the family room.

Dining Room 1

Dining Room 2

The view of the back of the house before:

Back of the house before 1

And here it is now with greener grass, the dead trees chopped down, and some yellow cannas planted.

back of house



  1. Wow you guys are doing a great job…Who does your outside landscaping???

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