Posted by: Kara | September 28, 2009

$2 Coffee Table and a Home for the Mirror!

For quite some time we’ve been working on rearranging our living room/dining room. When baby #2 arrived we were in desperate need of more space so (stay with me here….) the Office became Noah’s Room, Noah’s room became Reagan’s room, the Dining Room became the Family Room which also became the Art/Music Room, the Office moved into the Master Bedroom, and the Living Room then merged with the Dining Room, whew, got that? Ok, so in my quest to make a nice little formal living room when you first walk in I decided we were going to need two nice sitting chairs to accompany our beauty of a bench. And so began my new pastime of chair collecting. I sort of couldn’t stop. I kept finding “good finds” and chairs that I liked better than the last thinking that I would magically paint and recover them and before  I knew it, we had six different chairs in our tiny living room and absolutely no room to walk. Take a gander:


chairs 2

My living room makeover was turning into a nightmare as “chairs” slowly took over our house until one day my Mom was up for a visit and both her and Dave could take no more. The deal was get rid of all the $5 chairs that I had time to recover only in a fantasy world and I would then be permitted to go buy two new chairs.  I certainly couldn’t pass that up and so I said goodbye to my 6 four legged friends and made a trip to IKEA. I did however still get to do some refurbishing in the coffee table department. Check out this dirty square thing I found at the UNT Surplus store for a whopping 2 bucks!

coffee table

And after a fresh coat of paint, voila – a gorgeous, mod coffee table.


And here it is happily living in our living room with our new IKEA chairs (and some special rubber protectors on the corners of the table to keep Reagan’s eyeballs in tact).

living room 1

Our overpriced Craigslist mirror also finally found a home hanging above the dining table. Though it was originally meant for the Master Bedroom, we decided it fit much better here.

dining room 1

I’m very happy with how it all turned out and am so glad people finally have a place to sit when they walk in to the house :). Small homes require a little innovation but that’s what makes it fun, it’s kind of like living in a jigsaw puzzle. Let me know what you think!



  1. It looks great..i like the basket on the table with the arrangement of things….it looks cute…glad your back:) love, mom now looking back at all those chairs….can you say crapola////????!!!!

  2. They wouldn’t have looked like crapola once I was done with them!! – It sure did save me a heck of a lot of time and heartache though 🙂

  3. Kara! Glad to see you haven’t changed, still as creative as ever 🙂 well, haven’t changed except for being a mom!!!! Angela told me this was your blog and I’m so excited that you and the fam are doing so well! Love the house and your updates. I am now a big fan. 🙂 xoxo~Nicole

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