Posted by: Kara | August 13, 2009

Can Sleep Deprivation Kill You?

This was my latest google search as I’ve recently become concerned with the toll that the last 6 months of sleep deprivation has taken on my body. Seriously, I’m so stinking tired that sometimes I feel like I’m just going to keel over. So can it really kill you? Apparently, the answer is…maybe. Though there is no record of any human ever dying from sleep deprivation, there was a study done in the 1980’s where they kept some rats constantly awake and after 32 days they were ALL dead! You can read the full article on lack of sleep here: Ok, so I’m probably not going to die from it since I’m not a rat, so I guess I will just continue walking around like a half functioning zombie attempting to coexist with humanity and cling to the hope that one day I will sleep again.




  1. What happened to posting every day?! I really like reading your entries. =)

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