Posted by: Kara | August 12, 2009

My favorite mail day

When life’s got you down, you haven’t had a shower in a few days, and you’re eating chex mix for at least 2 out of 3 meals,  there’s nothing to get you smiling like a good mail day. My good mail day comes once a week when the Kroger insert arrives. It instantly elevates my mood as I lay it out on the dining table and carefully examine each page like a 4 year old going through the Toys ‘R Us Christmas catalog.

“oooh, ground turkey is on sale 2 for $6…nice”

“2 for $5 strawberries, come on Kroger, they were 2 for $4 last week, don’t try to act like I’m gettin’ a deal”

“yay, salmon’s on sale, nevermind – farm raised…”

I give it a good look over at least 3 times to make sure I didn’t miss anything and begin to plan out my grocery list. I tell ya’ for me, it’s like a little piece of heaven. Wow, before you know it, I’ll be eating dinner at Luby’s and calling it a night at 6 p.m.

scan0001 (2)

They say “it’s the simple things in life that are the most extraordinary.” I wonder if that applies to Kroger inserts.

But seriously, if you scope out the good deals at your local grocery store and make your meal plans accordingly, you can save some serious dough. Combine that with manufacturer’s coupons and now you’re playing with the big boys. (Check out or for more info). I had to abandon couponing however because all the paper was making me crazy and I couldn’t pass up a good deal so we ended up eating a lot of junk. Who can refuse Pillsbury cinnamon rolls when you’re paying like 10 cents a can?? So what are some of your grocery saving secrets?



  1. I let myself ‘too busy’ and got off the Grocery Game for a while, and as usual, Gus noticed! So I’m back on again–saved 40% last night! And yes, it can be tempting to buy junk, but I resist….

  2. Kara-
    I just went to WalMart with my circulars and had them match my prices. It works best with Sprouts ads for produce (as long as it is fresh at Wally World). Yep, just got peaches for 39 cents a pound and on-the-vine tomatoes for 88 cents a pound! Woo hoo! Like you said, the trick is to not be enticed by “good deals” and buy/eat more than you planned for because you can’t let a good deal escape you.

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