Posted by: Kara | August 10, 2009

Judging a Book by it’s Color

While at my sister-in-law’s this weekend for the garage sale, I was inside taking care of the kiddos. As I was rocking Reagan and staring at Kim’s bookshelves, the OCD in me started twitching and whispering in my ear…”must color coordinate…must sort and organize.” Here are the  bookshelves that were stirring up all the emotion:


They didn’t look bad, I’m just a big fan of organizing books according to the color of their binder rather than their subject matter. I’m the dewey decimal system’s worst nightmare. So I asked Kim if she would allow me to reorganize and she agreed but set up some boundaries. I was not to remove any books from the shelf on which they lived (since they were arranged according to topic). “Ah, pleeeeease Kim, I promise you’ll start recognizing them by their binder and they’ll be easy to find.” But she insisted that some type of rational order remain and so I complied to her rule. Oh left brained people and their “rules.”

So I got to work and in a quick skip, hop, and a jiffy, the shelves had a little mini makeover. Here is the after:


And so my organizing itch was satisfied…for at least a few hours, until I got home and me and the medicine cabinet had a throw down.



  1. Something must be in the air because I am reorganizing like crazy too. Problem, my ‘itch’ comes in the middle of the night! Like I need another reason to stay awake.

  2. YIKES, I CREATED A MONSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!

    SO SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Nice! Our friends the Crawfords do the same thing organizing by color. I can’t stand it! But to each his own… 😉

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