Posted by: Kara | August 9, 2009

Garage Sale’in It

Yesterday in the midst of Kennedy-Gate, we were also having a garage sale over at the sister-in-law’s to try and make some extra cash so we can finish up our bedroom. I always have visions of grandeur when it comes to setting up a garage sale. You see I love “setting things up.” When I was little my absolute favorite part of playing Barbie and My Little Pony was trying to make their play area look like the dream land that they showed in all the commercials (blasted advertising). In my head our garage sale was to look something like this: multiple tables with everything arranged according to category and priced ahead of time. The clothes displayed on an easily accessible clothing rack with perhaps a mannequin showcasing one of the more attractive outifts. Soft music playing in the background and a table with free coffee, and finally a nice little area with electronics and an extension cord so people can test out their items before buying. I’m sure you can all guess how those visions of sugar plums turned out. Here is an actual photo of what everything looked like:


Niiiiiice right? One day I’ll fulfill my garage sale dream. We did make enough to get the rest of the items for our bedroom though so hopefully we’ll be finishing that up soon. Pictures to come!



  1. Hey Kara!

    I’m a master at garage sales! I spend A LOT of time getting ready for them ready, have a great marketing plan, etc… made more than $800 in one day alone!

    I love your blog!

  2. I am glad your garage sale was successful! It was good seeing you 🙂


  3. Holy Moly Mandy, $800!!! You’re going to have to share your garage sale secrets!

    It was good seeing you too Liz!

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