Posted by: Kara | August 5, 2009

Wheelin’ & Dealin’ Lesson #1

So yesterday as soon as Dave arrived home from work we more or less threw the children in the car, swung by the bank, and headed out to Flower Mound to pick up my sweet mirror (see yesterdays post). Now remember, I was already getting a deal at $125 since the mirror I was looking at online was $169 + tax + shipping, but I still wanted to try and see if the seller would take $100, after all this is Craigslist and rarely is the listing price the lowest they will go. So after we’d been driving 20 minutes down I-35, I realize the directions to the sellers house are still sitting on top of our computer desk at home. And so I rely on my trusty GPS system (that would be a quick phone call to little brother Dallas and his IPhone), and we finally pull in to the house.

Dave usually handles these kinds of transactions but he looked at me with a sparkle in his eye as if he were allowing a 14 year old their first drive behind the wheel, and said “Go for it honey, you got this one.” I felt like a little girl walking into her first day of Kindergarten, butterflies in my stomach and all. I’ve haggled before but I really wanted this mirror and knew that I would probably go up in the price if they asked, desperate I know. Ok, so here’s how it all went down:


Dogs barking…

Door opens.

Mirror lady – “Oh, hi you must be here about the mirror, which one were you wanting to see?”

Me – “Hi, yes I was coming to look at the round one.”

Mirror Lady – “Oh, ok, it’s right here. It’s really very nice and in great condition.”

Me – pretend to be doing a careful inspection of the mirror trying to make myself appear less than satisfied, “Hmm, would you be willing to take $100 for it?”

Mirror Lady – “Oh, I really can’t,  I’d go down to $120 though.”

Me – “okay.”

And so we take it out to the car, load it up and I announce to Dave my big $5 discount hoping I’ve made Daddy proud. After a quick pizza dinner and 30 minutes of Reagan shrieking non-stop, we arrive home. Dave unloads the mirror and brings it into the bedroom though I was too tired to have him hang it up. After a quick glance over of the mirror, Master Splinter Dave informs me, “Babe, next time you ask someone if they’ll take $100 for the mirror and they say no, go ahead and point out the $99 price tag they left on the back when they bought it brand new.”


Oy, vey. At least I still got it cheaper than the Z Gallerie one though right?!



  1. Yes; this still counts as a victory. Kara 1, greedy-for-shipping-fees Z Gallerie 0.

  2. girl, you make me laugh. Your writing is also very easy to put a visual too. Love it! Oh, and that pic of you in the t-shirt and short with the cap….I think I have the same pic of you when you were about 14…and you look EXACTLY the same. You don’t age!

  3. Oh Kara, I’m so sorry there are people out there like that. What was that lady thinking? Anyway you got a great mirror out of the deal, it is going to look awesome in your new bedroom!

  4. LOL. Poor Kara, so excited and then one little tag bursts your bubble.
    Maybe it’s a discontinued piece, rare to Kirkland’s and worth much much more than that original $99 tag. If it’s no longer available in the mall you’d have to either score it on craigslist or drive to China! I say it’s a win.

  5. That’s the spirit Julie! That’s what I’m going to keep telling myself 🙂

  6. Just figure if you bought it online, you would have paid $8 in tax and probably more than $12 in shipping and handling. You got a deal!

  7. Are you kidding me?!
    Once you have it hung, it will all be worth it! I am sure you will make up the difference in your next opportunity to haggle 🙂 Can’t wait to see pics of on your wall.

  8. I have a very similar story to that involving Brian letting me set up my own eBay account so I could bid all my myself like a ‘big girl.’ Who needs the eBay pro’s help? Not me! $20 with FREE SHIPPING and a fake sports watch later… I let him do most of my online bidding for me!

  9. […] overpriced Craigslist mirror also finally found a home hanging above the dining table. Though it was originally meant for the […]

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