Posted by: Kara | August 4, 2009

Mirror, mirror, on the wall…hopefully

So by now it should be obvious that I’m a bargain hunter and like to save money, but there are certain things that I don’t mind splurging on. For instance I’ve been stalking this Z Gallerie Devon mirror for weeks now, knowing that it would make the absolute perfect centerpiece on our bedroom wall between our new built in closets:


It’s $169 (plus loads of shipping if I order online) and tax and all that, so it would end up costing me well over $200. I’ve been calling the Z Gallerie stores in Dallas every week to see if they have it in stock (I’m pretty sure ‘ol Brian the manager lets out a disgruntled groan every time the annoying girl calls again about the mirror), but they have just not been getting any in. So I began innocently perusing Craigslist just to see if anything similar was out there. I really didn’t want to settle for something that I didn’t LOVE, but lookie what I happened to stumble upon:


It’s not exactly the same but it is pretty darn close and would definitely give me the look I’m going for, and it’s listed at $125! The seller posted it on the 31st of July and I just sent an inquiry to them today, so here is hoping it’s still available and will soon be mine. I’ll keep you posted and will most certainly post pics if it indeed ends up in my own bedroom. So even when you’re willing to splurge, there may still be a great deal out there just waiting to find you!


Just wanted to let everyone know that victory is mine. We picked up the mirror tonight and it will soon be hanging above my bed. Yaaay!



  1. I like it even better! Hope you get it!

  2. Love Craigslist!

  3. Craig helped me score my mirror, too!

  4. […] in the car, swung by the bank, and headed out to Flower Mound to pick up my sweet mirror (see yesterdays post). Now remember, I was already getting a deal at $125 since the mirror I was looking at online was […]

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