Posted by: Kara | August 3, 2009

Oops I Did it Again

Saturday morning as I forced myself out of bed after the sorriest excuse for a good night’s sleep from Noah’s all night escapades, I was desperate to get out of the house and regroup. For weeks now I’ve been wanting to make a trip to Walmart to return something and just walk up and down the aisles – it’s really sad when the unruliness of Walmart suddenly becomes a peaceful and relaxing get-a-way. Dave readily volunteered to watch the kiddos and sent me on my way. To my dismay our local Walmart was undergoing some major rennovations so it took me about 4 times as long to find simple items like baby food, but I managed. I called Dave after about an hour to make sure he was doing ok. I’ve ususally received a phone call from him by now that goes something like this, “The baby won’t stop crying, Noah just peed all over the dogs, and I’m starving, when are you coming home?” But surprisingly, he told me all was good on the home front and that I could take my time but to be sure to be back by noon so we could go meet up with his parents and sister for lunch. Wow, I thought, Dave’s really beginning to get a hold of this 2 kid parenting thing. Little did I know he was just trying to keep me far away so that I didn’t catch him in all of his scheming splendor.

So I mosey on home in my grungy green tinted t-shirt that I accidentally washed with some green sheets, b-ball shorts, hat and no makeup and we load up the kids to head to Kim’s. Noah excitedly knocks on the front door and my sweet mother in law is there to greet me with a big Happy Birthday sign overhead and presents below. “Oh you guys, that’s so sweet, I didn’t know we were celebrating my…” cue 16 other people suddenly emerging from hallway with a collective “Surprise, Happy Birthday!!!”  First thought, “Unbelievable, I’ve done it again, I’ve managed to come to my own surprise party looking like a complete hobo as cameras snap away and visions of fugly party pics mock me on facebook tags.” This happened just months ago at my surprise baby shower. Observe evidence A)

baby shower pic

Notice the ever so stylish gaucho pants, unkempt hair, and oh yeah, the Saturn sized baby bump.

May I present this Saturday’s evidence B):

surprise party

As you can see aforementioned t-shirt, hat hiding my oily hair, no makeup, etc. I promise I clean up well people.

Ok, ok, so aside from my initial vain concerns about my appearance the party was absolutely marvelous. My sweet hubby had apparently been going all double-07 on me the last 4 weeks arranging this little shindig and I wholeheartedly had NO CLUE or any kind of suspicion of a party. I think in part because once you reach Mommyhood and you daily operate on 3 hours of sleep, your own birthday becomes somewhat of an afterthought, so it was very touching that so many of my friends and family were there to shower me with their love :).

And one of the coolest parts of the whole thing were the special birthday videos that my husband arranged from my brother, and some friends of ours in Argentina, and China. Facebook friends you can view the fun there. So I just wanted to give a super big shout out and thank you to my wonderful family and friends and especially hubby who all went out of their way to make me feel so special. THAAAAAAAAAAANK YOU EVERYONE, I LOVE YOU!

And of course what party would be complete without a little spewage. My sweet Reagan didn’t have any gifts to offer so he decided to projectile vomit about a liter worth of who knows what all over my pretty little party outfit. Thanks sweetie- it’s the thought that counts.

kara mess 001

Yeah, we’re talking saturation there. That’s ok though, cause then I got to change into a differnt t-shirt and some sweet Umbro shorts circa 1991 thanks to my sis-in-law. Seriously Kim, it’s time for us to do some shopping together (says the girl in the stained green t-shirt).



  1. Girl, you’d look cute in the proverbial brown paper bag! But I still think I’d tell hubby that next time he sends you on an errand as a cover for the last minute surprise party preps, he should take the opportunity to pack some party clothes for you in the car so you can change once you’re there!

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