Posted by: Kara | July 31, 2009

Toothbrush in the Toilet

“How many times has this happened to you?” is the opening line of many a great infomercial. This is the question I hear in my head as I view my toothbrush floating aimlessly in the toilet, wondering how I could let this happen again and pondering what great invention could prevent this frequent mishap.


Alas the answer is simple and the invention has already been invented – the toothbrush holder. But nooooo, that would be way too easy and so I continue to tempt fate by dangerously placing Mr. Toothbrush on the shelf directly above the toilet. And there he sits, sweating it out, wondering if today will be his last as he gazes upon the unfriendly waters below. One day I will learn Mr. Toothbrush…one day.


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