Posted by: Kara | July 28, 2009

Poor Man’s Potty Scotty

The potty training process has been a long and slow one with my 2 &1/2 year old son. He did great at the beginning but soon became deathly afraid of all things toilet related, and every mention of potty time ensued in a catastrophic melt down. He then defiantly began finding new and unique places to do his poopy business each day, like his blue toy box, our futon couch, and numerous offenses on the area rug. I was beginning to get down right angry, which certainly wasn’t helping the situation. So with one last attempt at success, I decided to try one more strategy I had read about: Potty Scotty.


Yes, it’s the doll that does it all, and supposedly teaches your little one how to potty. I looked him up online and was abhorred by the $50 price tag. I knew my frugal hubby would NEVER go for a $50 defecating doll, especially for his boy, so I had to get a little resourceful. Meet my very first Cabbage Patch Doll Ainsley Dale:

Cabbage Patch

With a little duct tape, an empty Johnson & Johnson’s baby shampoo bottle, and water dyed with yellow food coloring, Ainsley miraculously transformed into…


Poor Man’s Potty Scotty!! If you’re wondering about how we got this little doll to do his #2’s the answer is simple, melted hershey’s kisses slyly dropped into the potty by Mommy while holding Scotty above the toilet. I began taking “Scotty” to the potty every hour on Friday and going crazy with praise every time he pottied. I gave him a sticker on his chart and he even got M&M’s! Noah was looking at me as if he had finally pushed me over the edge and I had completely lost my mind but in due time the competitive Brown nature came out in him and he was ready to outdo Scotty on the sticker chart. This may all seem a little ridiculous but may I proudly present Noah’s sticker chart since incorporating this technique that I had so easily brushed aside before:


Taa-Daa!!! He’s doing so good and it has been SUCH a relief to not have to clean up his messes throughout the house all day. So thank you to my 24 year old Cabbage Doll for helping my son to meet such an important toddler milestone!!



  1. that is hilarious! Only someone as creative at you could have come up with that friend.

  2. Aw thanks Comf 🙂 I still want to come visit sometime before summer is over, maybe we can arrange something soon!

  3. Kara! I almost peed my pants reading this entry. Dyl potty trained pretty easily, but it sure makes me wish I had kept that old cabbage patch doll around a little longer! lol Genius!

  4. I am so happy he is trained! You are so creative. I love how God made you!

  5. I can’t stop laughing! This is Awesome! Another use for duct tape.

  6. So creative! I am about to go look for a small Johnson & Johnson’s bottle now.

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